Zurab Japaridze Tests New Regulation as a “Cab Driver”

Zurab Japaridze, the leader of the Girchi political party, is known for his creative, often even rebellious, ideas. This time, he went to test the new taxi cab reform: as of today, October 1, only white taxi cabs are allowed to pick up passengers from the streets. The ‘Girchi’ leader reported that by driving around with a taxi sign in his grey-colored car, Japaridze tried to show the lack of need for the new reform.

“My car is not white. It is very far from the color, actually. It’s dark grey. I am interested in just how this reform works. I have a taxi sign on my car and I will try to pick up passengers. I’ll see just who administrates this new regulation. Is it the police? Is it Tbilisi City Hall’s special cars?” he wondered in a Facebook live video. He emphasized a few times that the government should not care about the color of taxicabs and that “these sorts of regulations violate the right to personal choice.”

Japaridze added that the new regulation will raise the price of taxi services, which, according to him, are the cheapest not only in the region but in the whole world.

Image source: Zurab Girchi Japaridze on Facebook.
By Nini Dakhundaridze

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