Tbilisi City Hall Responds to Street Traders’ Protest

“First Republic Square is the city center and it is impossible to allow disorder and chaotic shopping there,” the Tbilisi City Hall said in response to street traders’ protest about the Agency’s demand to change the location (Republic Square) and to the street in front of Parliament. The traders claim they were given permission to have makeshift stalls at Republic Square until January 13.

“Trading on the First Republic and Orbelian Squares was permitted only to individuals and companies who had previously been registered by the City Hall. Those street traders who wanted to trade at the First Republic Square were offered an alternative space near the parliament building,” reads the statement released by the Agency. 

“The First Republic Square is a city center, a tourist attraction, and it is impossible to allow disorder and chaotic outdoor shopping there. Tbilisi City Hall does not restrict anyone from getting involved in Christmas fairs and once again offers traders to benefit from the alternative spaces if they wish.

“Christmas fairs will continue until January 13 at the Republic Square and Orbelian Square, as well as in front of Parliament, and outdoor trading will be allowed through January 7.”

Protesters note that if Tbilisi City Hall will ignore their demands, they will continue demonstrations in the future. 

By Ana Dumbadze

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