New unique documents about Stalin

More than 1000 declassified documents have come out.

New unique documents about Stalin

The opening of the archives of the Soviet Union and the release of secret archival materials has recently contributed to the removal of a lot of slander and rumors  which have been disseminated  about the genius man, generalissimo Josef  Stalin, by  some western and local so-called historians.   The published documents have  clearly demonstrated Stalin’s role in the building  of the USSR and defeat of fascism.

New documents, which have been recently released  under the aegis of the published house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”  titled as “Stalin: from the shoemaker’s son to the father of the peoples”, contribute to the manifestation of  Stalin’s personality.  This is more than 1000 documents on 456 pages, which were previously classified as “Top Secret”. The materials contain lots of photos, drawings and maps. These documents reflect the moments of Stalin’s revolutionary activities, civil war, industrialization and the Great Patriotic War.

After reading this document, the reader will be able to make the own opinion  on the Stalin’s epoch.

It is for those who have not uncottoned their ears and are still enchained  by their prejudices.

I address some unscrupulous historians: get acquainted with archival materials that are available for everyone to stop repeating the idiot Khrushchov’s foolishness and sullying  Stalin’s name as prompted by the west “friends”!

Remember the words of great Gogla Leonidze:

“The sun went down, and it will rise again, Bigger and brighter”.

Stalin is coming, you thrill, globalists and liberals!

By Grigol Oniani

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