Yet Another Member of Parliamentary Majority Leaves the Ruling Team

Mariam Jashi, a member of the parliamentary majority, has left the Georgian Dream. Her statement to the press is as follows:

“Almost three hours have passed since the vote. I used this time thoughtfully to safeguard my decision from being emotional. I am leaving the majority of the Georgian Dream and accordingly, I am leaving the post of Chairman of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture. Although the debate over which electoral system is better suited to Georgia may continue indefinitely, it is our duty as the ruling party to comply with the promise we gave our citizens two months ago. I will always remain proud of the initiatives and truly historic changes brought by the current government in Georgia, including the reforms in healthcare, prison and the education system. Nonetheless, my decision is a matter of principle.”

Following the repudiation of the bill on switching to the proportional electoral system at the plenary session of Parliament, members of the parliamentary majority have begun quitting their positions. All of them call their decision a matter of principle.

By Elene Dzebisashvili

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