Trump under Liberal Assault


As soon as he was elected, the current American president became the biggest talk of the world. In three years of his presidency, Donald Trump has been shocking America and the rest of the world with his outspoken thoughts and unexpected moves, which is fun to hear and watch for the regular commoner, but is a discomfort for most of the world’s leaders and a pain in the neck for local democrats and liberals.

Because the American mainstream media is so liberally minded, they hate the way Trump rules the United States, catering to the political appetite of the Democratic Party. They would do anything to see Trump’s presidency crippled and Trump defeated in the next presidential elections.

Here is the latest most vivid example of their nonstop belligerency against the president. The recent debased journalistic behavior of the once fair and balanced The New York Times has caused hot discourse in the States in favor of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court membership, who was approved by the Senate exactly a year ago, but whose candidacy was subjected to a ruthless discussion before the approval. He was accused of sexual harassment, committed in his college years. After twelve months of approval hearings in Congress, the NYT decided to resuscitate the filthy story of Kavanaugh, running a new piece on the new republican Justice’s “misdemeanor,” headlined ‘Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She did Not.’ The story was all about the accuser’s experience at the university where he met the future Supreme Court justice, who wanted to derail his nomination, exposing him as a sexual assaulter. There was another episode of Kavanaugh’s misbehavior, excerpted from the coming book about him, saying that he would run around with his pants down at drunken dorm parties, sexually harassing female students. To cut a long story short, all those stories were proven false, all the alleged events having been denied by the previously quoted sources.

Following the NYT flagrant fiasco, one of the well-known American conservative newspapers ‘Washington Times’ appeared with a glaring headline: ‘With Brett Kavanaugh debacle, The New York Times Becomes a Dangerous Misinformation Tool of the Left.’ What a recognizable headline, if compared with our Georgian media! The story has it that The New York Times, which was founded in 1851, used to be a fair and balanced newspaper, supporting the republicans and the democrats with exactly the same enthusiasm, but since 1960, the paper has become more openly liberal, whose op-ed page is a strongly hardcore left. The Washington Times emphasizes that the bias has been creeping into the news pages for years with reporters and editors twisting facts and spinning news to fit its leftward lean, often in support of democrats. It is not difficult to conclude that the model ‘media-in-politics-and-politics-in-media’ is mimicked from country to country.

There is another example of media, chasing and damaging President Trump and distorting anything he may supposedly do. The liberals, inspired by the Democratic Party would go to any length to see Trump’s presidential head roll, but so far they have achieved nothing, literally nothing!

Here is another story by the American conservative journalist Kyle Smith, demonstrating their utmost indignation towards those bigmouthed liberals who treat their president with such an egregious unfairness, titling one of his articles ‘The Media Has Officially Lost Its Damned Mind.’ The NYT first makes up a story, than runs it and finally issues the correction of the committed mistake. How about that! This one was the most spectacular correction – says the author. The correction was made but the damage was done.

The liberal media has its own style of presenting the news. Quote: “Any news that might be happening that can’t be weaponized against Trump is of little interest. Any news that might make Trump or anyone on the right look bad is eagerly pushed through, ordinary standards of fairness and checking be damned. The media think Trump’s sometimes overblown attacks on them are making it more vital than ever. But what’s really happening is that the media is beclowning itself trying to end Trump. One recent survey found 95% of Americans saying they were troubled by the current state of the media, and two-thirds think journalistic ethics will get worse during the election season.”

Wow! I would love to have these golden words translated into Georgian and put them in every local newspaper for us to get what’s going on with our opinion distributors in reality. The sooner the better!

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze

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