The Enguri Bridge Opens After 3 Months of Closure

As of today, the secessionist side has announced that the border will be reopened for citizens desiring to cross the de-facto state line. 

On 27 June 2019, Abkhazia closed the only crossing point on the so-called border, amidst the anti-occupation rallies in Tbilisi.

It is remarkable that the restrictions did not affect those who crossed the border towards Georgia for medical treatment.

“The temporary restrictions on crossing the state border between Abkhazia and Georgia, which entered into force in June 2019, have been abolished” – Sokhumi declares.

Only Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru and Syria recognize Abkhazia as an independent state, whereas the West and the remaining international community propel Russia to remove its military bases and troops from Georgia.

By Beka Alexishvili

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