PM: Support Act Advances Relations between Georgia and the US to a New Level

I would like to stress the importance of the Georgia Support Act, which reaffirms the high-quality partnership we have with our strategic partner,- said Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia. “There are very important points highlighted in this Act: the first is, of course, our country’s independence and territorial integrity, as well as the need to strengthen Georgia’s security context and the protection of human rights in the occupied territories.” The PM spoke at Thursday’s cabinet meeting in a response to the recent Georgia Support Act adopted by US House of Representatives, adding that it advances the relations between the two countries to a new qualitative level.

He also noted the importance of the economic component of this Act, as it emphasizes the need for working on a possible free trade regime more actively.

“All this will advance the relationship between the two countries to a completely new qualitative level. This is confirmation of the successful reforms and democratization process carried out in our country in recent years and of course we must continue this line with the same attitude and enthusiasm,” he said.

The US House of Representatives conferred on the Georgia Support Act, presented by the co-chairs of the House Georgia Caucus, Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Gerry Connolly, which has about 30 co-sponsors from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Even before the submission of the Act by the House of Representatives, the draft was collectively and unanimously accepted by several committees, including the Foreign Relations, Legal Affairs and Revenue Committees.

The manuscript declares the United States of America’s continuous assistance for the independence and sovereignty of Georgia. It acknowledges Georgia’s commitment to democratic values, including free and fair elections, and further affirms US opposition to Russian aggression in the region.

By Ana Dumbadze  

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