PM of Israel: ‘We Will Continue to Hit Them With No Mercy’

“We are continuing to hit Islamic Jihad after eliminating its senior commander in the Strip,” Netanyahu told his cabinet members, suggesting to the specifically aimed extermination of Baha Abu al-Ata Yesterday, which generated the intensification of an already oversensitive environment.

“He was responsible for most of the terror attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip in the last year and he was planning to carry out more attacks in the next few days,” adds Netanyahu. The prime minister’s comments were interrupted by fresh rocket alarms from the Strip.

Netanyahu also took a serious and domineering note, when he spoke about the since the longstanding battle with the ‘Islamic Jihad’ group. “It would be better for Islamic Jihad to understand that now; I believe the message is starting to get across,” the premier added. “They understand we will continue to hit them with no mercy. We are determined to fight and protect ourselves. If they thought the barrages or hits would weaken us, they are wrong. They have one choice — either stop these attacks or suffer more and more blows. It’s their choice.”

The Georgian Ambassador to Israel Lasha Zhvania also talked to the Georgian media about the situation along the Strip.

“All the airstrikes were repelled this morning. The public is aware that Israel has high-quality air defense systems, as well as an enhanced air defense network around Tel Aviv, with additional equipment being deployed. Tel Aviv is slowly returning to normal life”, the Ambassador remarked.

The Ambassador also noted that there is a hotline for Georgian citizens at both the Embassy and the MFA of Georgia.

By Beka Alexishvili


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