Patriots’ Alliance Demands Abolition of Constitutional Court

The parliamentary opposition party of Georgia, the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia (APG), held a protest rally at the Constitutional Court building in Batumi, asking for the abolition of the court.

The party expressed protest regarding the decision of the Court, based on which the moratorium about the prohibition of selling agricultural plots to foreign citizens was declared as unconstitutional.

The decision gives the right to foreigners to legalize lands before December 16, the day of the new Constitution’s activation.

The party claims the decision of the Court was unfair and demands the abolition of the Constitutional Court.

Foreign citizens have four days left to register their land plots until the new State Constitution, banning Georgia’s agricultural lands from being sold to foreign nationals, comes into force on December 16.

In June 2017, the Parliament of Georgia adopted a legislative amendment that placed a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land to foreign citizens and stateless persons. Under the amendments foreigners, legal entities registered abroad and legal entities registered by foreigners in Georgia will not be able to purchase agricultural land in Georgia.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: 1 TV



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