Moscow found replacement for Kokoity

Moscow found replacement for Kokoity

Moscow found replacement for Kokoity

Russian Federation found a replacement for Eduard Kokoity. Moscow chooses an Anatoly Bibilov, Emergency Situations minister for the presidential elections in so-called S.O.

The newspaper “Commersant” informs that Bibilov is supported by Russian regional ministry and the law enforcing bodies. The inter ministries agreement was concluded and this candidate will be “approved’ in higher instances.

“The Moscow’s support will be a deciding factor for the presidential elections. The S.O. exists ultimately only thanks to the Moscow’s support. This is clear for the local population as well. If people will elect undesirable for Moscow candidate then its life may became more troublesome, “- Sergey Mikheev, Director of Political Consultations said.

Moscow is irritated over the purposeless spending of RUB 30 bn allocated by Russia for the restoration of South Ossetia.

Kokoity himself forth keeping the influence over the republic has choose two candidates, so-called Procurator General Taimuraz Khugaev and own brother Robert Kokoity. Nevertheless the Moscow has other plans.

Anatoli Bibilov was born in 1970 in Tskhinvali, in 1992 he accomplished the HI school for flyers in RF. Participated in the peacekeeping operation in South Ossetia. In 1994-96 was a head of the S.O. special division. In 1996-98 has a business in Kiev. In 1998-2000 was serving in a peacekeeping battalion in the Northern Ossetia. Has a title of Mayor General. From 2008 holds an Office of Emergency Ministry.


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