Majoritarian MP’s Press Conference Disrupted by the Activists

Majoritarian MP Guram Macharashvili was holding a press conference today when the members of the ‘Dare movement’ showed up and disrupted the event.

A few of the young activists arrived at the press club when Matcharashvili was responding to the media. The civil activists started shouting and whistling at the MP of the ruling party and Matcharashvili was made to leave, secured by the patrol police.

“Guram Macharashvili is one of the forty lawmakers, who voted down the proportional electoral system and prevented the development of our country. We will try not to make their voices heard in the Georgian society as much as they do not listen to people’s voice,” said one of the protesters.

The Dare activists have reported they will protest using this platform against all lawmakers, who did not support the transition to the proportional electoral system despite the Government’s promise.

Matcharashvili has commented on the incident.

“The style of the main part of the political opposition, the ‘United Movement’ in this case, remains the same,” said Matcharashvili. He thinks that even if the transition had been made to the proportional system, this part of the opposition would still act destructively.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

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