Kaladze: Topic Closed, Mixed Electoral System will be Kept in 2020

“The topic is closed – a mixed electoral system will be kept in 2020,” Kakha Kaladze, the ruling party’s Secretary-general, said in a statement made at the Georgian Dream headquarters.

He emphasized that members of the ruling team had expressed their attitude towards this issue publicly several times. 

“However, since there is still political speculation around this topic, I would like to share our position with the public again in a few words: First – the transition to a proportional electoral system in 2020 was a political initiative of the Georgian Dream. Despite the efforts of the team leadership, unfortunately, the bill did not receive adequate support. This result, along with the natural resistance of the majoritarian MPs, also led to the irresponsible actions of the destructive opposition. Secondly, it is clear to all that, given the moods of the parliamentary majority, there are no resources available to mobilize 113 votes around any new constitutional changes at present. The topic is closed – in 2020 a mixed electoral system will be kept, which fully complies with democratic principles, therefore the political spectrum should devote all its efforts to preparing for the elections and holding the elections in accordance with high democratic standards,” he noted.

Kaladze also noted that the Georgian Dream is ready to hold a plebiscite on the issue of the electoral system on the day of either the 2020 parliamentary elections or 2021 local self-government elections.

“There is a group of majoritarian MPs in the parliamentary majority, which is proposing to move to a fully majoritarian system. After consulting with the team yesterday and today, we assured them that the team would not consider any new initiatives for the 2020 elections. However, we understand their general initiative and we agreed that they will continue to work in this direction, provided that a plebiscite will be held on the issue of the electoral system on the day of either the 2020 parliamentary elections or the 2021 local self-government elections,” he said.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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