Borjomi’s New Project: #CitywithCharacter

Borjomi is not just a company bottling Georgia’s most famous mineral water. Borjomi is a company encouraging and offering creativity with each of its projects.

Within the company’s campaign, You Have Character, Borjomi has a new interesting project.

“Create a character for your city and win the contest of #CitywithCharacter,” reads the slogan of Borjomi’s new campaign. Needless to say, the campaign aims to show the individual character of each Georgian city to a wide audience.

The contest kicked off on September 24. All those wishing to take part in #CitywithCharacter must be Georgian citizens. To participate in the fun competition, Georgian citizens have to record a small video or make a photo collage, in which they tell their own stories about the city of their choice. A shot of “Borjomi” mineral water must be a part of the video/photo collage. The finished video has to be uploaded on the person’s Facebook and/or Instagram page using the hashtags: #ქალაქიხასიათით (#CitywithCharacter); #Borjomi (#ბორჯომი); #დაახასიათეშენიქალაქი (#CharacterizeYourCity). The online platform has been created for participants to find out more and upload videos. Example videos from the members of the voting committee are available on the site (

The voting committee includes director Tina Kajrishvili, Anano Bakuradze, the founder of Movement TV, Alex Chikovani, the founder of ‘live branding,’ Mindia Esadze, a camera-man, Giorgi Giorgashvili, the editor of, and, last but not least, Mari Nakani, a photographer. The voting team say the theme of the contest is not limited. Participants are encouraged to show their creativity; however, they need to keep in mind that the video has to show one particular city (not more than one and not a neighborhood, and it must be a city in geographical terms – it cannot be a village) and show the connection between the person and her/his city: the more personal, the better!

Giorgi Giorgashvili, member of the voting committee and editor of, noted at the press conference for Borjomi’s new contest, that: “The beauty of this project is that we don’t tell you what you should do. You can choose whatever way you like to tell your story about your city.”

While the important components of the video should be recording quality, completed theme and individualism of the video author, Anano Bakuradze says that the practical quality of the video recording is not as important as the quality of the personal idea that is shown in the video.

The contest has two categories: amateur and professional. The prize for the professional category is 5,000 GEL and the winner of the Amateur category will get 3,000 GEL. The organizer of the project “IDS Borjomi Tbilisi” will also award the company’s favorite participant. The deadline for videos and photo collages characterizing cities of Georgia with an included shot of Borjomi mineral water is November 1.

The #CitywithCharacter project aims to serve touristic goals, and to promote Georgia’s individualistic and characteristic cities to local and international audiences.

BY Nini Dakhundaridze

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