Ambassadorial Working Group Calls Peaceful Dialogue to Resolve Rustavi 2 Dispute

The Ambassadorial Working Group has expressed concern about recent developments related to the Georgian media in general and to the case of Rustavi-2 TV in particular.

“As Georgia has committed itself to strengthening the respect for democratic principles of the rule of law and good governance, human rights and fundamental freedoms, including media freedom, as well as to reinforce independence and professionalism of the media, we are confident that the appropriate environment will be ensured by the State,” the statement said.

The Ambassadorial Working Group calls for a peaceful dialogue in resolving the ongoing Rustavi-2 ownership dispute to ensure the adherence to a fair legal process that is free from any political influence.

“We affirm the importance of upholding the democratic standards of media freedom and political pluralism in line with Georgia’s constitution and international commitments.”

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