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Why and by whom the history of the Great Patriotic War is falsified?

9 may

The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was a crucial and decisive part of the bloodiest conflict in human history (1939-1945), in which 62 out of 73 existing states, 80 percent of the Earth’s population participated. In the spring of 1945, despite the fierce resistance of the German fascists, the Soviet army’s fighters broke into Berlin and on May 1 at about 3:00, Soviet army fighters Mikhail Egorov and Meliton Kantaria put a flag of victory over the Reichstag. The Fascist German Unconditional Capitulation Act was first signed on May 7 in Reims (France) and then, on 8 May at the outskirts of Berlin in Karlshill, as Stalin did not like the rank of signatories and the signing place. The capitulation came into effect on May 8, at 23 o’clock and 1 minute by Central Europe time, when it was 1 o’clock and 1 minute in the Soviet Union (Moscow). Accordingly, the day of victory over fascist Germany is May 9 in the USSR and May 8 in some European countries.                                                                                                                                                                   

On each May 9th, the veterans of several countries of the world and the former Soviet republics who have fought in the World War II and who are now very few, celebrate the victory in the Great Patriotic War and honor the memory of the fallen comrades. The falsifiers generously fed by Western democracy who are rather numerous in the West and in the former Soviet Union, often appear on TV or in printed media prior marking this date to evaluate the results of World War II. Their interviews and articles are accompanied by a really needed slogan: “The history of World War II must be cleaned from falsehood and slander or falsification!” Some of the ‘authoritative historians’ call for this genuinely, with a noble purpose, but those who have mercantile interest are rather numerous.  They try to diminish the role of the USSR in World War II and show the British and Americans’ contribution impressively, giving the aggressor’s label to the Soviet Army. It happens, for example, in Poland; in the Baltic states liberation of fascists is called Soviet occupation; The Ukrainians, who faced devastating consequences of fascist occupation, began to celebrate the day of victory on May 8 (?!).

Together with the distortion of the facts and in general, with the falsification of the history of war, the terms were also changed with the efforts of Western historians.  For example, “Fascist Germany” -was replaced by “Third Reich”, “Fascist Bloc, Fascist Satellites” -by «Axis” countries, “Allies of Germany”, “Fascists’ Supporters” – by “collaborationists” In addition, communism and fascism are put on one level.

All of this is deliberately done by the West, particularly with the efforts of the UK and the United States, which have used all of the methods to destroy the Soviet Union since 1917, the day of its creation, and now they are confronting Russia to seize the wealth of this country.                                                                                                                                                                               This is intentionally designed to eradicate people’s memory from great victory of the peoples of the Soviet Union over the fascism with the Stalin’s leadership. British-American Historical and Military Historic Literature on the Great Patriotic War counts hundreds of books and thousands of articles. The main part of these books and articles, which are far from truth, was written by the order of the initiators of the World War II and those yearning the New World War, and are aimed at diminishing the role of the USSR in this war, which had all the heaviness of fight against Hitler supporters. Western historians want to demonstrate that the US-UK was the main force that has destroyed fascism. That is how it is taught in the US and UK schools.

Between the episodes of counterfeiting with Hitler’s supporters, towards the falsification of which the efforts of American and English historians, journalists and memoirists are directed to, one is a German attack peripeteia on the West Front -in Arden (southwest of Belgium) in December 1944.

The participant of this event Dwight Eisenhower (US Army General, later the 34th President) in his book “Crusade Hawks on Europe” praise the British and American soldiers and generals, but says nothing about Soviet warriors. This action initiated by Eisenhower was continued by former British and US Army commanders and the militaries of a lower rank, they were supported by English historians Puller and Burne, the Americans – Shug and Ralph Ingersoll. They describe the battle of Arden in detail in their “works” and do not mention with even a word the attack of the Soviet army in the January 1945, which saved the English and Americans from the catastrophe. As a result of this military operation, the Soviet army disable the German allies – Romania and Bulgaria, then Finland and Hungary.                                                                                                                                                                            Western so-called Historians ascribe the following phrase to Stalin: “If you want to overthrow America, you must destroy three things: its soul, its patriotism and its morality”. But that is a demagogy, this is exactly the phrase Alain Dales said about Russia. This quotation, but about Russia, would be signed by the hater of the Soviet Union and Orthodoxy Zbigniew Brzezinski or Madeleine Albright.

It’s not worth talking about the stupid and funny accusations of irrational Nikita Khrushchev and his accomplices, who urged that Stalin evaluated the situation at the front of the war glancing at a globe and planned military operations in this way.  Let’s discuss some of the ideas that the history falsifiers are trying to push into the heads of modern people:

* Allies have gained the victory over Fascist Germany and the United States and Great Britain have contributed much to this victory.

The collaboration of the USSR, the US and the Great Britain is a key historical moment in the destruction of the fascist bloc, but the support of western allies to the USSR was not decisive in the years of the Great Patriotic War – the peoples of the Soviet Union could defeat the fascists anyway, however at a much higher price.

* Many Western “historians” try to hinder the fact that prior the Second World War and in its initial period the British policy was built on the desire of attack of Hitler’s fascist Germany against the Soviet Union.

* Much is written about bombing the towns of England by the Luftwaffe (German Air Force), destroying the city of Coventry, but almost nothing is mentioned about the barbaric attacks of British aviation in the cities of Germany initiated with the destruction of the city of Cologne and its inhabitants in 1942. In general, the British Air Force Strategy, the so-called Lindemann’s doctrine, first of all, was aimed at destroying the country’s population.

* Western historians have been writing and keep writing about the importance of operations carried out by the British military in the developments in the USSR-German fronts, operation in North Africa, Italy and so on, in other words they are doing their best to show “Foggy Albion” in the bright colors. But it is well known that in the years 1939-1945 Britain has not only prepared, but has also carried out its aggressive plans against the European states and the USSR many times.

For instance, in April 1940, it was only due to accidental circumstances that prevented the Great Britain to occupy Scandinavian countries before the Germans: mining the Norwegian coast and landing troops in Norway, which was scheduled for April 5, was postponed due to technical reasons and transport failure for April 8. The Germans were able to outpace the English – they entered Norway on April 9. Interestingly, after the invasion in Norway, the English were going to attack the Soviet Union together with the Finns. During the Soviet-Finnish War (1939-1940) and after its completion, British soldiers together with French colleagues set out plans for war with the Soviet Union. In 1940, the heads of the UK and French Defense Committees made a decision to destroy the oil-rich regions of the USSR, Baku, Grozny, Maykop. Operation should have begun in July 1940, but it was hampered by Germany’s activation on the Western Front.

* We should mention British aggression against the French allies: On July 3, 1940, the British fleet attacked the French fleet deployed in Oran and Dakar and destroyed the ships with the pretext to avoid their falling into the hands of Germans. In 1944, the Greta Britain managed to occupy Greece already left by Hitler supporters.  The purpose of this occupation was to prevent the left wing forces’ vicotry in Greece.

* In 1998, after the opening of the archives, the world community learned about the plan which Winston Churchill intended to carry out in 1945, after German surrender – on 1 July 1945, with the assistance of the British, the German soldiers were to attack the Soviet troops deployed in Europe. Stalin, who was informed about this plan by the Soviet intelligence, managed to prevent it. Generally, some historians believe that Hitler started to carry out the plan of the attack against the USSR  “Drang nach Osten” (“the attack on the east”) only after having received the warranties that the UK would not interfere in this war.

* There is no official document on the guarantees given to the fascists by the British, but the fact that despite the agreement with the USSR and the United States, the Great Britain refrained from opening the second front in Western Europe until the summer of 1944 (!).

Allies of the USSR, the United States and Great Britain opened the second front (Operation ‘Overlord’) on June 6, 1944 when they brought the descent to Normandy in the north-west of France. This operation killed 280,000 people from the allies, wounding 153 thousand.

What were the contributions made and losses suffered by each of the countries in World War II is clear from the numbers: Soviet Union lost 24.5 million people in World War II, including 15.7 million civilians; Germany – 6,7 million soldiers and about 1,5 civilians; Great Britain – 300 thousand soldiers and 92 thousand civilians; The United States – 405 thousand soldiers.

It is noteworthy that 700 thousand Georgians participated in the Great Patriotic War, and 300,000 of them gave their lives in the fight against fascists, the same number as the British and American. The contribution made by the Georgians of Soviet Georgia in defeating Nazism is praiseworthy and everything should be done in honor of the memory of those killed in the Great Patriotic War.

And it is shameful that some urge to mark the World War II victory on the 8th of May in Georgia. Moreover, this is urged by the people who have not participated in this war, who do not even know the history and they do not ask anything the war veterans who have released Europe from fascists by bloody fights and destroyed Hitler’s hordes in Berlin in their lair…

Nika Korinteli

Note: 9 May is officially announced as the day of the World War II victory in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Great Britain, Israel, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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