Georgian MPs Conclude United States Visit

Georgian parliamentary delegation, led by Deputy Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili, visited the United States on January 28-February 1. The MPs held meetings with American congressmen and senators and discussed ways to push forward the U.S.-Georgia cooperation.

Meetings included with co-chair of the House Democracy Partnership David Price (Dem), co-chairs of the Congressional Georgia Caucus Gerald Connolly (Dem.) and Adam Kinzinger (Rep.), as well as with several newly-elected Congress members from both – Republican and Democratic – parties.

Assessing the meetings, Chugoshvili said Georgia enjoys unequivocal and bipartisan support from U.S. lawmakers.

“It’s important that our country has unequivocal support in all areas – in terms of respecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in terms of strengthening economic cooperation through signing a free trade agreement between Georgia and the United States,” she noted.

Congressman Connolly, on his part, said it was “very heartening to hear” from Georgian counterparts that “respecting the opposition and respecting the results of elections are the pillars of how we build our democratic institutions.”

Congressman Price stressed that Republican and Democratic are “very supportive of Georgia,” but added that “like all democratic countries, Georgia has challenges in making sure the conflicts are contained, in making sure the opposition is heard and in making sure the rule of law is honored.”

“There are continuing challenges for judicial reform; we are well aware of that and supportive of it,” he added.

Interesting talk with @GerryConnolly @RepDavidEPrice & @RepKinzinger about enhancement of Parliament, political institutions, elections, electoral reform etc. which we step-by-step implement in cooperation with US organizations. Georgia enjoys unconditional support at US Congress

— Tamar Chugoshvili (@ChugoshviliMP) February 1, 2019

During the visit, Georgian MPs held meetings with representatives of Washington D.C.-based organizations, including USAID, IRI, IFESNED and GMFUS. They also met with U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent.

Besides Tamar Chugoshvili, the Parliamentary delegation included two ruling party MPs Giorgi Volski and Tamar Khulordava, and a member of the opposition European Georgia party, MP Elene Khoshtaria.

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