Foreign Minister in Washington, Meets NATO, U.S. Officials

Georgian Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani joined NATO Foreign Ministerial in Washington D.C on April 3-4, which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Alliance.

On April 3, Zalkaliani joined a discussion on the sidelines of the ministerial co-organized by Atlantic Council, German Marshall Fund and Munich Security Conference in partnership with NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division in Washington.

At the session, FM Zalkaliani said NATO integration remains among Georgia’s major foreign policy priorities and that the country is “very actively engaged in the strategic dialogue” with NATO on the Black Sea security issues.

“Because of the continuing occupation of Georgia and Ukraine ….the main strategic goal [of the Alliance], which is to have Europe whole, free and at peace is not yet met”, Zalkaliani said, adding we all have to intensify and consolidate our efforts to strengthen the Black Sea security.

Minister Zalkaliani also said that Georgia has received the confirmation from the Alliance that it has “all the practical tools for eventual membership.”

“The only decision [that] now remains is political one. And we have to [be] ready for this moment. We are doing everything possible. We are not discouraged by the fact that there is no political decision taken [by the Alliance] yet,” Zalkaliani said.

He also noted that Georgia is developing its “strong bilateral cooperation” with NATO allies, including the U.S., and hoped that “by doing this” the country is “approaching the time for the political decision to be taken.”

The Georgian Foreign Minister held meetings with U.S. Congressman and a co-Chairman of the House Georgia Caucus Gerald Connolly, as well as Acting Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Reeker.

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