Wonderlust Travel: Georgia On My Mind

Wonderlust Travel publishes an article ‘Georgia on My Mind’ dedicated to Georgian wine making culture and history. The author, Alex Alan, personally visited Georgia and was exposed to the classical and traditional wine-making methods. He specifically emphasizes  ‘Qvevri’ wine making methods throughout the article.

“Georgia has been making wine for around 8000 years. They’re really good at it, and the country is a spectacular place to visit”, says Alex, who was impressed with Georgia’s hospitality, traditional food and exquisite taste of wine. 

“Ghvino, the word for “wine” in the Republic of Georgia, is as much a part of their national heritage as Flamenco is to Spain, or spice to India. Unlike the colder temperatures of Russia (Georgia’s neighbor to the north) the comfortable climate here feels more like northern California.  

Grape cultivation is performed across the country and winemaking is a family-based tradition that has been passed down over generations for 8,000 years. This ancient date was affirmed by the discovery of a single grape seed found in an ancient clay pot used to make wine carbon-dated to around 6,000 BC and now proudly displayed in the Georgian National Museum”, he adds. 

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By Anna Zhvania

Photo Source: Wonderlusttravel.com 

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