TBC Presents “In Georgian” Project for Microsoft

TBC has begun supporting the Georgian language with the help of Microsoft, Geolab and Saba. The goal of the project “Kartulad” is to create an interpreter resource, integrating this resource into Microsoft’s programs and providing access to the Georgian language in international resources and information. In order to integrate into the system, the program must learn the Georgian language, for which at least 100,000 Georgian sentences need to be translated into English. Within the framework of the project, everyone will be able to use Georgian through the Microsoft system.

Honorary guests at the TBC Gallery presentation noted that this project has advantages beyond the educational aspects: it will encourage ethnic minorities living in Georgia to learn the Georgian language, though the project is primarily aimed at Georgian emigrants who do not have direct access to literature.”

“Within the framework of the project, the world will be able to better understand Georgia and the Georgian language,” TBC notes.

On the website Kartulad.ge, each registered user will be able to engage in the project and translate Georgian into English. All sentences are selected from Saba’s e-books.

After a certain number of bilingual sentences are collected, the project will be transferred to the next stage where specialists will edit the translated material. Translating 100,000 sentences is the first step for integrating Georgian into the Microsoft/Windows Operating System.

“The project serves to maintain the Georgian language,” TBC notes. “Especially important for its development is the involvement of the Georgian people.”

The project “Kartulad” is supported by the Ministry of Education of Georgia, PH International and the Lexicographic Center under the guidance of Tina Margalitadze. Pupils, teachers, and students from across Georgia will be involved in the project. Participants will be awarded for their results and receive prizes according to the number of translated sentences.

“The project ‘In Georgian’ is a continuation of the previous TBC project ‘Write in Georgian,’ which was begun three years ago,” said Mamuka Khazaradze, Chairman of the Board at TBC Holding. “I’m sure many of us are worried about the condition of the Georgian language and want to preserve it. At the same time, it is necessary to develop it. This project will promote the Georgian language and give others a chance to discover it. We need to not only write in Georgian but also to read and think in Georgian, too.”

By Nia Pataraia

Above was cited from this link.if you have any question,please contact them.http://georgiatoday.ge/news/9913/TBC-Presents-%E2%80%9CIn-Georgian%E2%80%9D-Project-for-Microsoft