Lado Chanturia Commences Role as Judge at European Court of Human Rights

Lado Chanturia started his duty as Judge at the European Court of Human Rights on January 8, as the Ministry of Justice of Georgia reports. The ceremony was attended by the permanent representative of Georgia to the Council of Europe, the President of the European Court and court secretariat representatives.

Lado Chanturia, who replaced Nona Tsotsoria in the post, will stay in the position for 9 years, from January 8, 2017, to January 8, 2027. Chanturia was elected as Judge of European Court on October 10, 2017, by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe; with the recommendation provided by the special committee of the assembly. 

The two other candidates from Georgia were Lali Papiashvili and Otar Sichinava. 

Prior to being elected as Judge at European Court of Human Rights, Lado Chanturia held the post of Georgia’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany.

By Nino Gugunishvili

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