HUAWEI Days at the Brand Service Center

There can be moments when, accidentally or unexpectedly, you have to suffer because of your phone. Maybe you experience some software flaws, or you drop your phone and the screen cracks: all particularly painful for smartphone owners to deal with. But when the company offers to change a damaged screen at a special rate and gift a new battery into the bargain, the pain and stress fade away.

As such, HUAWEI has great news for its customers: until April 18, you can change your smartphone’s damaged screen at HUAWEI’s brand service center for a special price and get a new battery for free!

“A complete and undamaged screen is no less important than the functionality of its camera and durability of its battery,” says Salome Melitauri, Sales Manager at the HUAWEI Service Center. “A cracked screen is the most common damage sustained by smartphones, and the purpose of our first one-month campaign is to provide a better financial offer to consumers for changing damaged screens, with the user exempt from the service charge and paying only the cost of the screen itself. Added to that, clients can take away a free smartphone battery with free replacement service.”

HUAWEI’s Brand Service Center is located at 7 Ts. Dadiani Street, on the first floor of the Karvasla shopping center. The center fully responds to 2018- 2019 world standards of HUAWEI Brand Service Centers, offering a modern design, comfortable environment, fast service, direct communication with engineers, and a customer destination zone, where you can find interesting video material on the latest products from the brand.

“Customers already make good use of our center for technical assistance,” Melitauri notes. “I can say with pride that in the course of the warranty period, requests for services are much lower compared to other big brands. This fact is clear proof of the quality of HUAWEI. We’ll have regular campaigns, with the next to be related to software updates. We’re also thinking to offer a special price on our accessories because the brand’s original screen protectors, phone cases and charger devices provide HUAWEI users with device functionality and protection from damage.”

HUAWEI products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are used by a third of the world’s population. According to the 2015 data, the company is at the third place at the largest smartphone market in the world. There are 16 research and development centers operating worldwide in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of HUAWEI’s three business units, mainly focusing on Smartphones, personal computers, tablets and cloud services. The HUAWEI Global Network is based on 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications business and serves to provide innovative technologies to customers around the world.

By Mariam Merabishvili

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