How to Maximize on the New Generation of Electro Energy

The electro energy deficit is one of the current hot-topics in Georgia, and if we consider the fact that Georgia acquires electro energy from Russia, energy security is becoming more and more important. 

As Georgia does not not enough energy sources during winter, the necessity of importing arises in that period of time specifically. 

Leontina Galdava, Electrical Engineer, suggests focusing on the development of the hydro power plants that would help the country to replace the importation during winter. 

“In the few last years, the amount of the imported energy in Georgia exceeds that of what was exported. We have a necessity to import during winter months specifically, due to the fact that we don’t have enough regulated hydropower plants, which would cover energy consumption in winter. We should be focusing on those which will enable us to replace import in winter,” Galdava points out. 

Regarding the question on how the 4% economic growth will reflect to the energy consumption, Galdava notes that the energy usage will increase within the 4 % forecasted economic growth. 

“From 2010 to 2016 the GDP growth was 4.8%, while in the same period, the energy consumption increased by 6% .In 2017 the energy consumption was 12.7 Terawatt. If we look at 2017 and compare it to 2016, we can see that the 6% energy consumption growth is still there. We can assume, that if we have a minimum of 4% economic growth, the energy consumption will also grow to 4%, we will face the reality that for 14-15 years we would need 9 Terawatts, considering the 4% economic growth. These are 70% of the data from 2016. If we’ll have a 5% economic growth, then the energy consumption will grow to 12 Terawatts, in case of 6% growth then 15 Terawatts. In other words, more than we have today,” she said. As Leontina Galdava notes, Georgia has 80% of unused electro resource and for energy security the country needs to have regulating hydro power plants. She gives Nenskra HPP as a good example. Nenskra HPP is exactly the one which is oriented towards generating energy during winter. 

“Nenskra HPP has a water reservoir which serves as a natural battery. The water reservoir gives us a possibility to collect water during Summer and replace import”, she says. 


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