Greek Embassy to Celebrate 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations with Georgia

The embassy of the Hellenic republic in Georgie is celebrating 25 years of Diplomatic relations with Georgia. To mark the event, an exhibition will be opened next Thursday November 17, entitled ‘Costas Balafas. Photographic Itinerary on Mount Athos, 1969-2001″.

The exhibition was first shown at the Benaki Museum in Athens in 2006. Since then it has gained popularity within Greece, and is set to be shown internationally, in Georgia, for the first time. It comprises of 50 photographs that Balfas took during his trip to Mount Athos between the years of 1969-2001. 

The exhibition opens on November 17 at 6pm at the Museum of Modern Art in Tbilisi. Check out Georgia Today Business on Tuesday November 21 for a review of the event.

By Tamzin Whitewood

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